Enso Dojo, Aikido Hawii International, LLC 

   Bruce Webb Sensei began his martial arts journey in 1978 at the age of ten when he talked his parents into allowing him to study Tae Kwon Do.   Enlisting in the Navy at seventeen his martial arts training took a sabbatical as he focused on serving his country.  In 2007 he began studying Aikido and has focused on learning, "The Way of The Harmonious Spirit" ever since.  Holding the rank of Sandan, 3rd Dan, Webb Sensei has focused on spreading the Art of Aikido to the Bellevue Community. 

   Regional Instructor of the Heartland. Christenham Sensei was born in 1946 in Ventura, California. Christenham Sensei retired from the Army Corps of Engineers and a local engineering firm in Omaha. He started learning Aikido in 1970 under Kubo Shihan in Hawai’i and thereafter, he became the assistant instructor to Shimazu Sensei in Hawai’i for 7 years. Christenham Sensei taught Aikido for few years in Hawai’i-kai in Hawai’i before he moved to Omaha.

   In 1990, Christenham Sensei started teaching his sons and a few other students Aikido in Omaha at his home. In January of 1991, Sarpy Aikido Club opened in its present location at La Vista Recreation Center near Omaha, Nebraska. It was the first Aikido club to be opened in the Omaha area. Christenham Sensei is still actively the chief instructor of the dojo. He currently holds the rank of 6th Dan. Christenham Sensei also was a Golden Gloves boxer and has an extensive background in Kung Fu.

Chris Simonson Sensei was introduced into martial arts when his father first signed him up for wrestling when he was 13, in Jr. High school. He continued with it through high school where one of his coaches introduced him to judo. Simonson Sensei traveled the world a little with his father, in the Air Force. Simonson Sensei joined Sarpy Aikido in 2008 and holds a rank of Sandan, 3nd Dan. He was the head kids/beginners class instructor for more than five years at Sarpy Aikido before starting Enso dojo with Bruce Webb Sensei.

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